Huna is the original arts and sciences of spiritual development inspired by Polynesian traditions.

The Hawaiian word Huna means “a secret”. There are some controversies about whether Hawaiians or Polynesians themselves used the word “Huna” to refer to their esoteric knowledge. Some say that these teachings were originally called “Ho’omana”. “Ho’o” means “to make” and “Mana” means life force, equivalent to “Ki” (as in Aikido), “Chi” (as in Tai Chi), or “Kundalini/Shakti” in the Sanskrit language.
Taken together the word “Ho’omana” means “empowerment” or “to empower”. It may be as old as 35,000 years and it is a part of the original teachings of the people, who lived on an ancient continent called Lemuria. Although Lemuria as a continent no longer exists, its part has survived to our times. All that remains are the mountain peaks of the island chain called Hawaii. In the same way, also ancient wisdom has survived to our times.

The teaching called “Huna” or “Ho’omana” was presented in this form by Serge Kahili King in his books and during his lectures as a practical toolset for empowerment and achieving our full mental and spiritual potential.

The basic assumptions of Huna are the following Seven Principles:

1. IKE/AWARENESS – The world is what you think it is.
2. KALA/FREEDOM – There are no limits.
3. MAKIA/FOCUSSING – Energy flows where attention goes.
4. MANAWA/PRESENCE – Now is the moment of power.
5. ALOHA/LOVE – To love is to be happy with (someone or something).
6. MANA/STRENGTH – All power comes from within.
7. PONO/WISDOM – Effectiveness is the Measure of truth.