Kia ora/Aloha!

Is your life filled with passion, and strength, embracing your whole authentic being?

…if your answer is YES
I’m so happy! Please, be radiant and inspire others around you.

…but if you are not so sure – read on, maybe this is what are you looking for.

Wellness is an essential value in my life. By wellness, I mean a conscious and self-directed process of achieving our full potential.

My name is Izabella and I believe that our true happiness, health, and abundance come from harmony. Looking for balance in my life I found Lomi Lomi Nui – the Hawaiian temple massage and loved it at the first touch.  Soon I became practitioner and teacher of this powerful tool of transformation and healing. In my classes, I share also the wisdom of Huna – art of spiritual development, and empowerment. These practices embrace our wholeness: body, mind, emotions, and spirit and helps us achieve harmony and happy life. That work brings joy and fulfillment into my life.

The bodywork is a kind of meditation for me. Presence and compassion are the major tools. Deep silence and awareness create a profound space, where magic can happen.

I invite you to this most amazing journey I have ever known; The journey to your essence, the core of your own authentic being. Come to this space of empowering, transformation, and healing.  

In Hawaiian ‘ke ola hou‘ means ‘new life’; Life full of passion, and strength, embracing our whole authentic being. 

Here you will find more about my path of development.