How often should you receive Lomi Lomi Nui for the best results?

People come to me for a massage session once a week, once a month, and sometimes even once in a lifetime. Many of you  asked me after the Lomi Lomi  session: ‘when should I come next time?’ And my answer was: it depends on your individual needs and your expectations of the result. My advice is first of all – listen to your body and follow what it needs.
If you are connected to your body, you will just feel it, your body will tell You.
If you feel that connection is missing or is not enough and you would like to deepen it, then my advice is to do 2-3 sessions not too long apart (weekly or fortnightly) and see how it works for you.

My own experience tells me that it is a deeply healing and life-transforming experience is getting Lomi Lomi Nui two-three times in the same week (miracles happen then, believe me).

Lots of my clients experience durable positive effects for their physical and mental conditions receiving 4-5 sessions in a row in a month or two (eg. neck or lower back pain, insomnia, lower lowered self-esteem, panic attacks, eating disorders, and bowel conditions…)

But ultimately, it is always You and your wise body that knows.
I have tremendous respect for body wisdom. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to trust that wisdom, to listen to what our bodies want to tell us. Our bodies whisper to us all the time. And it’s really wise to listen to its whispers so that you do not have to hear its screams.

I have been thinking of those of you who feel need a more regular Lomi Lomi Nui experience.  I’d like to make it more affordable for You.

If you become one of my regulars and visit me at least once every 2 weeks – the price for You will be $180 for 2h session and $140 for 1.5 h session

Contact me if you feel the call to get an even more frequent  Lomi Lomi Nui experience, but struggling financially – I am sure that we will find the right solution.

|And whatever You do – just always follow these whispers of your wise body.