More gain if no pain. Lomi Lomi Nui & deep tissue massage

There are many misunderstandings around Lom Lomi massage. Many believe that this is very gentle, soft, flowing, nice touch, and… nothing more. Sometimes even Lomi Lomi is mistakenly taken as erotic massage. That’s all wrong. Lomi Lomi, and especially Lomi Lomi Nui, the modality I teach and give my clients, is full body massage. Lomi Lomi touches not only our body but also touches our emotions, minds, and soul as well. But back to the body, Lomi Lomi goes deep into the muscle, all the way to the bones. This massage is designed to effortlessly reach deep tensions in our muscles and joints, and release them, but in a gentle way, without pain. It focuses on the surface of the skin as well as on the deeper layers of muscles.

Many people believe that deep tissue massage has to be a hard and painful treatment when it actually can be very gentle and relaxing. Deep is not the same as hard. Working with the tissue rather than on the tissue is paramount. Deep tissue work is archived by sinking down through the varying layers of not only muscles until we reach the level we intend to treat. But this sinking down is far removed from aggressive, brutal manhandling of the body. It comes with listening and nurturing touch, respect, taking time, intuitive tuning into the body.

During the session of Lomi Lom, tensions in the body are released and the balance is restored causing the feeling of relaxation. And that’s exactly how you should feel after any massage which includes deep tissue work. Deep tissue massage, like Lomi, is not painful, at least should not be painful. Still, some believe that the more you suffer on the massage table, and the more bruises you have after, the better the deal. But the truth is, more gain if no pain.