Stop trying to relax and just allow that

Have you ever tried to relax? If you have, then you probably know that the more you try to relax, the more stressed you become.

Relaxation starts when we stop trying –  stop trying to quiet our mind, stop trying not to think, So, stop trying and just be as you are, with your tensed body, with your mind full of thoughts, stories, and fantasies. You are good enough the way you are here and now. Then Lomi Lomi can be a very relaxing experience.

Sometimes I tell my clients at the beginning of a Lomi Lomi session – you don´t have to do anything. Don´t try to relax. Don´t even try to stop trying now. The only thing you have to do is breathing, otherwise, you´ll die. But even with that, you don´t need to breathe it in any special way, just let your body do it as it wants.

Just like that. Stop trying to relax. Stop trying and just allow that.