What does Lomi Lomi Nui massage help with?

… One time a woman came to me with her arm in a sling after surgery.
I asked her if she could remove the sling for the massage and if I could gently include this arm into the massage. She agreed, trusted me and Lomi Lomi. After the session, she showed me how she moves her hand and she decided to not put this arm on a sling.

A man with bowel problems comes to me regularly for a Lomi Lomi session, saying that he has tried many therapies and medications and this massage is the only thing that really helps him.

I had a client in Poland who had been working on  traumatic childhood experience that essentially blocked her sexuality and, to some point, even her self-expression. Years of psychotherapy did not help her, but three Lomi Lomi sessions in a row did.
The list goes on…

…but does it mean that Lomi Lomi “helps” in all these illnesses, physical or emotional, ailments and discomforts? Does it always work? Does it help everyone?

This is how I see it. Lomi Lomi massage helps you embrace your whole being. It restores balance on many levels and allows you to re-connect with all aspects of yourself, including ability of healing. … and from that point on, it can help with everything. Really!
I know, it may sound a bit enigmatic or vague, but this is how I really feel it. It is my experience during and after each massage, no matter what my role is (giver, receiver, or even teacher). 🙂