Diving deeper into Lomi Lomi practice and reading messages from bones

While traveling to North Island this year something happened to me.

Some sunny and windy day while I was visiting Karekare beach a stranger, Maori man came to me and said ‘I have to tell you something. I have two messages for you.’ Before I even asked him from whom are these messages come, he said to me: ‘Wellcome home! Do you know that your ancestors walked this land? I mean the ancestors from thousands of years ago? And now you come back here.’ That was the first message, and from that moment I started to listen to him more carefully. I owe you a small explanation at this point. When I come with my partner Rafal to Aotearoa three years ago I felt that I need some kind of ceremony to welcome this place and people and feel welcomed here. And that day it happened.

As I said there was also the second message. The second one was unclear to me then. It was as follows: ‘You have to dive deeper into your hands-on practice. It is just the beginning. You will learn or you will rather recall more and more.’

We hadn’t met before, he didn’t know who I am and what I do, I hadn’t known him at that stage. Now I know that he is a Matakite, a seer, and a healer with over 30 years of experience. He uses Karakia, energy, Wairua, and physical point work to facilitate healing. He can also see what is hidden, help bring it to the surface to create a better connection.

Now, after few months from that unexpected meeting, I think I am closer to understanding what he meant then.

Recently I started to hear and read messages from bones, about life experiences, emotions, or any other needs of the people, who I am massaging or just touching. Sometimes these messages are very precise, I just know what happened, what needs to be healed, and how to release it, or what needs to be invited. In the beginning, I struggled with it and kept these messages only for myself. I was thinking that it may be my delusions, some kind of autosuggestions I was telling myself that weren’t true. At some point, I dared myself and told my client after the session what his or her bones told me. It was a woman who came to me for the first time and I knew nothing about her. The bones told me some story she carried with her all the time. They said it is time to let go of it, how to do it and that now is the best time to do it. I told this to that woman. I told her that it could only be my imagination and ask her to take only what resonates with her and what she finds useful, and forget about all the rest. Tears appeared in her eyes, she thanked me and said that that was the true story and now she feels ready to let go of all emotions involved and go forward.

Situations like this become more and more often, after  Lomi Lomi sessions I give. Different stories, different messages, and guidance appear to be important and meaningful for my clients when I share what I have heard from their bones. I still feel some reserve and I am very cautious with sharing, and yet I feel it and hear it more and more strongly and precisely.