Sometimes energised and uplifted, sometimes extremely tired

I have seen this many times in my massage practice. Sometimes my clients after lomi session with me feel energised and uplifted,
but sometimes they feel extremely tired.

It is not the massage that makes them feel tired. It is their nervous system finally unwinding so they feel themselves again.
Their muscles, with the help of lomi touch, release tensions, and they start to feel how tired they have been all the time, sometimes for many, many years.

When you are stressed, when you’re in survival mode, when you hold everything or constantly push things, you might not feel tired at all. That’s how adrenalin works. Only when you stop to rest, when you take a deep inbreath and relaxing outbreath, you can feel how tired you have been.

This is why sometimes we are so afraid to stop and take a deep breath. Then we might finally start feeling our own bodies, and all kinds of emotions carried inside. From this moment, ignoring them will not be possible anymore.

And you know, that is okay. Sometimes and for some of us, it is the only way. At least for now. When you feel tired, be aware of it and honor it. Slow down and rest. This is exactly what your body is telling you.

If you do not stop, you will be stopped anyhow by your wise body – by an injury, pain, illness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, burnout.
The body has its loving ways. It first communicates with us with a gentle whisper, but when we ignore it, then it will scream. So take good care of your body and yourself, and don’t wait too long.