The New Moon in Taurus is coming – make yourself comfortable in your body and your life

Ahead of us is the New Moon in Taurus combined with a partial solar eclipse (climax at 8:28 am on Sunday).

This time can help us heal what separates us from our body and thus from being here and now and enjoying life fully.

Taurus reminds us of grounding and receiving the best out of life. Exactly – “receiving”, not “taking”. Receiving means to open up to what is, experience pleasure, and enjoy being in contact with nature and with others. It is about opening up to what is here and now, as well as what the world wants to give us at this moment, instead of struggling to “get” something else.

This process of opening up for receiving begins with letting go and relaxing. It’s good to take advantage of the time of this new moon and just before it to rest, regenerate and generally take care of your body and allow yourself to experience pleasure. It’s also a great time to awaken our sensuality and celebrate life through touch, taste, smells, and sounds…. 

Let’s enjoy the nature around us, and when more difficult topics arise, let ourselves pass them through the body, breathing, observing how the feelings are change, how we can gently release or dissolve tensions, relax and enjoy com back to the now moment.

Venus will also support us at this time, helping us to open ourselves to pleasure and love. This new moon in combination with a solar eclipse may turn out to be a “total eclipse of the heart”. Some of us will catch on to the transformative aspect of this time and strong changes, while others will be more involved in what is pleasant and romantic. The main subjects remain the same – the body and the material aspect of reality.

During this New Moon, we can also perform rituals to invite more abundance and pleasure into our life. It’s a good time to watch carefully our attitude towards the gifts that the world has for us, and what we want to change in this attitude. Before the climax of this New Moon, it is worth looking at our beliefs about finances, our attitude toward money, and our sabotaging behaviors that destroy our feeling of financial security. It’s the right time to release the old stories and tough emotions behind them.

This is also a great time to watch carefully and change if needed our habits of abuse of oneself and others, consumerism, or destructive patterns of dealing with finances and looking for our value in what is external. The transforming power of this new moon is emphasized by Pluto, which while retrograde will bring out what is hidden under the surface. These discoveries might be challenging, but if we trust our bodies, they will guide us through this. It is a strong call to return to the body and to accept what the body tells us. It is another reminder that the body is not there to adapt to our ideas and expectations, but we are here to take care of our body and listen to its wisdom. If you do so,  then you will feel at home in your body. You will feel grounded, relaxed, and supported, by your body. 

I wish you a great New Moon! Make yourself comfortable in your body, and make yourself comfortable in your life!